When it comes to learning about the challenges of marketing, and implementing digital tactics, there’s a hell of a lot to consider. With so many coaching programs out there, knowing where to turn to for advice can feel like a challenge in itself. However, one of the main benefits that people can find when it comes to digital marketing coaching is going with a one-to-one coaching program.

Rather than relying on one coach to try and manage 15-20 people all at once, and make sure they all “get” the topic idea, going for one-to-one coaching makes far more sense.

Big Isn’t Always Better

Many people make this mistake. They go for the big group classes, then wonder why the information has to be kept as overly simplistic and generic. There’s a reason for it – and it’s not that the developer of the program is hiding some magical secret from you.

“…there is no coach on the planet who can make a course that fits everyone’s narratives and needs. It’s just not possible.”

Far from that, in fact – it’s because, when working with a large group, everyone has their own starting base. Not everyone has the same problems, also, so it’s nigh-impossible to offer a one-size-fits-all coaching program.

Also, for digital, the challenges to making a success of your business stems from your own circumstance. What your body of work needs to make it better will be completely different to another member of the course. You might have social media marketing perfecting, but SEO marketing is a foreign language to you. Well, someone else on the course might be the opposite. As such, there is no coach on the planet who can make a course that fits everyone’s narratives and needs. It’s just not possible.

Drilling Down

So, the main reasons why one-to-one coaching can help you, then, should be simple. For reference, the main benefits that you can get from this will include benefits such as:

  • Ensuring that you learn about what YOU need, not what everyone might need. This allows you to ask the questions you want and get the answers you need. Not sure how marketing could benefit your business? In a one-to-one program, everything has a context that fits your needs applied.
  • Also, working with such a specific plan allows you to make it an actionable training program. Now, you get goals and ideas for things to try that you then need to go and implement. With a general program, you just get lots of brainstormed ideas and “maybe try this” suggestions. It’s not enough.
  • Crucially, you get one thing that you can NEVER get on a course with a group audience, too. And that special ingredient is accountability. When you are on a special course just for you, everything spoken about and suggested is for your benefit. Its tailor-made to help your business.
With one-to-one coaching you get actionable ideas, specific information and someone there to hold you to account if you do not take action. Does that not sound like a much more complete and enriching experience, compared to what a group training program could offer?