what is facebook live?

Simply put, Facebook Live is a relatively new addition to the world’s largest social media platform, allowing users to broadcast video LIVE on their timeline to friends, followers and a potential global audience.

When did Facebook Live launch?

In August 2015 Facebook Live was announced with its initial role-out carefully restricted to people Facebook deemed as VIPs (celebrities) such as Ricky Gervais and Serena Williams. Following a successful role out and acceptance by celebs, journalists, prominent brand advocates and commentators were given access to stream Live. Then as of 3 months ago, in April 2016, the rest of Facebook’s global user base were given access to stream live themselves.

Just like Periscope, Facebook Live gives users the ability to share a moment in real-time with people they care about.

For Facebook and its users, Live provides a more intimate way to share content.

what is facebook live

What can I use to broadcast Facebook live?

You can use your iOS device (iPhone, iPad) or you can use your Android devices (phone or tablet). It’s worth noting that Facebook Live isn’t available on the web, yet – but just like Periscope, you can watch videos at Facebook.com.

How can I find Facebook Live on my phone?

Open up your Facebook app on your device and tap the ‘What’s on your mind’ status box.

You’ll now see the option to tap ‘Live Video’. That’s what you need to tap to broadcast on Facebook Live.

how to use facebook live

How do I start using Facebook Live?

OK, so you’ve just tapped the ‘Live Video’ box. Now you you will be taken to a broadcast screen. On the broadcast screen you will notice your profile name and a section below where you can enter text to name and describe your broadcast. Just underneath that text box is smaller selector box which usually contains the word ‘friends’ within it. This selector box will allow you to choose the audience you want your video content to be broadcast to, tap it to make a selection.

How do I go Live on Facebook Live?

Once you’ve sorted out the description and chosen your preferred audience you’ll see a blue ‘Go Live’ button – tap this to begin your Live stream. Once you’ve tapped the button you’ll notice a 3 second count down before the broadcast.

facebook live help

What happens when I broadcast on Facebook Live?

You will see your Live footage on your screen and  a viewer count as well as viewer reactions and comments.

how do I use facebook reactions?

TIP: Make sure your camera is pointing in the direction you want to record!

You can change this by rotating the arrow icons in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

Now that you are ‘Live’, make sure you interact and engage with your audience. Encourage conversations by talking directly at your audience and respond accordingly to questions that they may have. Viewer comments will appear at the bottom of your screen – as you can see in the video below.

How will friends be able to watch my Facebook Live broadcast?

Just like any other video, your friends can watch your Facebook Live stream by clicking the play button. You could also post a Facebook status on your timeline telling your friends and followers that you will be broadcasting ‘Live’ at a certain time.

How can I promote my Facebook Live broadcast?

You can promote your Facebook Live stream to friends by tagging them in the video description. This will send a message to your friend telling them to tune in. You could also use a hashtag on your Facebook timeline or twitter to help increase the viewer number of your video.

How do I finish my Facebook Live broadcast?

To finish your Facebook live video click ‘finish’ to end the broadcast. Once this is done your video will continue to sit on your timeline.

Can I save my Facebook Live video?

Yes, you can save your Facebook Live video content. Once you have finished broadcasting you will be given the option to save the video to your device.

Can I get analytics on my Facebook Live video?

Yes, analytics on Facebook Live videos is available. Just like normal videos, you can view the performance of Facebook Live broadcasts via Facebook insights.

Recent update news July 2016:

A new update to Facebook Live is imminent – let’s explore what goodies are in store.
NOTE: The update may not reach every user at the same time, I’ll update as soon as I find out more information.

Stream video for longer

Facebook have increased broadcast time by 2.5 hours meaning you’ll have 4 hours to play with – that’s a big thumbs up for the platform – they listened to customer feedback and delivered.

Moderate your videos live

Now viewers and streamers can moderate comments and reactions during a live stream – with the idea being to drown out trolls and nuisance users. This addition was more or less a given seeing as Periscope now offers a similar moderating experience.

Full Screen glory

Full-screen mode will be available (if you’re a iOS user). You will be able to stream both from portrait and landscape giving your viewers the potential to enjoy wider visual experience. Android users you can only use portrait mode at this point but hold tight, an update will follow.


Can I broadcast on Facebook Live if my phone signal is weak?

It is possible, although that quality of the broadcast may hamper viewers experiences and mean your video isn’t as popular as it could be. Facebook recommend that you have a strong data connection.

Can I broadcast on Facebook Live if my wifi signal is weak?

Again, it’s possible to broadcast on Facebook Live if you have a weak wifi signal, but the quality of the video could be effected. Check for a strong wifi connection – that gives best results.

Will there be more Facebook Live updates?

Yes. New updates to Facebook Live will allow you to add special filters to your video and you maybe able to draw on your video broadcast too. Keep coming back and checking this section regularly for more information as and when it happens.

What if i get trolls commenting on my Facebook Live feed or negative comments?”

To remove trolls from your Facebook Live video stream you can tap on their profile picture and hit the block button.

How are Facebook Live videos ranked by Facebook?

Facebook have made a small update to their news feed meaning that videos that are actually live appear higher up in the news feed than videos that are no longer deemed as live.

How much data does Facebook Live use?

It’s difficult to nail down an exact figure but 5 minutes of data streaming could eat around 60MB to 90MB – depending on the video quality. And yes, phone battery will drain faster too.

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