Punch up erupts at half time as two Nottingham Forrest football fans fight over the last PIE.

In brief:

  • Nottingham Forest fan was filmed fighting with a fellow supporter
  • Fight happened at half time during their game against Leeds
  • Both wanted the final pie in the shop

A Nottingham Forest supporter threw a punch at a fellow fan who ordered the final pie from the club’s shop during their defeat at home to Leeds.

A third supporter filmed the incident as fans queued up for the hit snack.

Witnesses told reporters that the fight happened as one fan witnessed another supporter was about to snap up the final pie.

Time to eat humble pie? A Nottingham Forest supporter fighting for last tasty pastry snack as team were losing to rivals Leeds United.

Pie argument results in spilt pint.

During the argument, a bystander ended with almost half his pint of lager thrown over him as he intervened.

Video footage of the incident clearly shows an angry fan advise another to ‘just f****** leave it’, as he eyes the pie.

The victim of the pie attack was told ‘Leave it, he’s not worth it’ and is then heard to shout ‘Don’t bully me!’.

Another bystander tells him: ‘Don’t worry about it, mate. He really isn’t f****** worth it.’

Watch the full video below courtesy of YouTube Channel Away Day Bible: